Arts & Sciences Guild Report Form

Welcome to the online version of the Arts & Sciences Guild Report Form. You can submit this form the the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences directly. Please fill out all fields, then press “submit form.”

If you would rather, you can also e-mail the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences ( ).

Labels that are bold and marked with form required field marker indicate a required field.

Note: Guild Reports are due twice per year – once per Reign and no later than one week prior to Coronation, no exceptions, regardless of the date. The reason for this is so the Kingdom MOAS can prepare the A&S Guild Officer Warrant List, which Their Majesties sign ONLY at Coronation. If your Guild Report for the preceding Reign has not been received prior to Coronation, your Guild Officer information cannot be put on the warrant, and per Kingdom Law, your Guild will not be warranted or able to conduct business for the duration of that Reign. Failure to submit two reports in a row on time will result in your Guild having its Charter revoked and the Guild being disbanded.

Guild Officers are responsible for knowing the dates of Coronations, the dates their Reports are due, and for arranging for those reports to be submitted on time or early. If the Officer knows in advance they will be unable to submit the report themselves, they MUST arrange for another person in the Guild to do so. If unexpected circumstances make it impossible for the Officer to report as expected, the Guild Leader is expected to communicate with the Kingdom MOAS prior to the due date.