The Day We Met

Words and Music: Vilhjalmr Half-Troll (William F. Stuart)
March 20, 2009

Vilhjalmr Half-Troll - The Day We Met

I still recall the day we met,
And the little clearing where you sat.
I see it in my mind nearly every day.
You said, “I’m hunting for reindeer,”
But I could not see bow or snare.
You said, “No I don’t hunt reindeer that way.”

I told you I’d be back with one,
And I took off, at a full run.
I didn’t hear you telling me to wait.
You weren’t worried just for me,
But for the reindeer I had seen.
You didn’t want this to be a dark day.

Running fast by Maple trees,
I managed to surprise the beast.
I even got my arms around its chest.
When out of fear the deer reared up,
Throwing me into a rock.
I jumped back ready for another test.

The deer just turned and ran away,
And I had no breath to give chase.
In my body there was only pain.
A failure I came back to you,
But you said, bright as morning dew,
“I only meant to pet them anyway.”